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So, I started my journey at core performance last August when I had some time off in between jobs. I absolutely love the atmosphere at Core performance , everyone is so friendly and helpful with Training etc. In January I needed an extra kick up the bum to get my body where it needed to be - needless to say it’s not not perfect, but I’m well on the way! I couldn’t have done this with out the help of Jon Wells. I approached him at the gym about getting ‘serious about macros’. He set me up with an eating plan and work out plan through a great little app. All was there for me to see and get on with it! He was available night and day for queries and questions (mainly about cake).

So far since 24th Jan - I have lost 11lbs and 4 inches on my waist and Hips - very good progress if you ask me! My old clothes are hanging off me - nothing better than putting on some clothes and they are too big to even wear!

Don’t get me wrong - you have to commit and the first few weeks were quite gruelling - I needed some serious will power but I have now changed my eating habits completely and made a life change! So if you want to make a change and loose some fat and get in shape I couldn’t recommend Jon Wells at Core performance more!!! Thank you so much for your help so far!
— Jennifer Goldsworthy

I’ve been training with Jon for a few years now...I trust him completely to get me to any training goals I’ve ever wanted or needed to reach, including some rehab! He is always there with expert advice and support. He provides lots of variety in my training so I don’t get bored, pushes me to my limits, always tailors it to my body and takes into account any other training that I like to do.

I’m not overweight, and I’m reasonably fit (for my age) and have maintained a healthy weight and body fat % for a few years now...but there’s always more to do!! And the only way that was going to be achieved was through my diet. (You can’t train off a bad one!)

So for once in my life, I decided to put Jon’s constant advice on what to eat into practice.

He set up a great app with the specific balance of macros I need to eat, training programs and even recipes and ideas of what to eat to keep it varied!

My body fat was 15.5%, which isn’t awful I know, but I want to be leaner and have decent abs for once!...I held some of that fat and my stomach area, but mainly my upper back and arms. 😖
I lost 5lbs in the first 2 weeks, and was down to 12.9% body fat at 4 weeks!
My aim is 12% and the last bit I think will be even more of a challenge for me, but I’m determined to get there (even getting brave rocking a crop top at the gym 😱)
Big thanks to Jon for his ongoing support and knowledge...I’m excited about the results so far, and I know he’ll help keep me on track with maintaining where I want to be with my body, and maybe let me have the odd chocolate bar, vodka or prosecco! 🙏 (I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had the odd drink! I’m only human)
— Mel Lilly

Phase 1 complete and my PT has asked for a little testimonial so here goes:
I’ve been training properly for 2 years and initially I saw results but I quickly fell into the trap of just going through the motions thinking I was doing well when actually all I was doing was maintaining rather than gaining. Jon has taught me over this first phase about intensity in training and he’s given me more knowledge on food and portion size than I ever knew. Clean food and plenty of water, the mrs has helped too not letting me eat rubbish and drinking alcohol. The workouts are great, a mixture of full body and conditioning work which is really enjoyable. I’ve still got 8 weeks to go but I’m in the best shape of my life already and I’m really excited to see what’s ahead.
I can’t recommend this gym and the staff enough, I love it here
— Gray

Monica started training with us here at Core Performance 12 months ago and has achieved some fantastic results, these photos were take 10 months apart. Monica made small changes to her lifestyle by following a few simple daily changes to her nutritional intake and introduced some training here at Core Performance.
Interested in finding out how Monica successfully change her lifestyle then get in touch today.

Mark's Story

Following a drunken discussion at a London Rugby event , I spoke to Jon regarding a fitness and nutritional plan to see if i could significantly change my body shape and fitness.

After an initial consultation measurements were taken and it was decided that we would give it a 3 month target to reduce weight, Body fat target of 10% and improve body tone. Jon was very clear of what the objectives were and what was required of me to reach our goals.

With Regular monitoring and alterations to the training programme I began to see amazing results and now I have completed the programme /challenge I am extremely happy witty the outcome and a body shape probably better than I have ever had especially at the age of 56.

I would certainly recommend anyone to take up this challenge with Jon Wells and would highly recommend him as I have never met anyone with such a detailed knowledge of Fitness and nutrition and how the body reacts to the various programmes.

Lisa's Story

I suppose I’m lucky as I absolutely love training, but I wanted to focus more on getting lean and gaining muscle growth.

My initial training with Jon started back at the end of June 2017 and my body fat was 17.1%. My diet wasn’t particularly bad but there were certain ‘tweaks’ required. The food programme Jon gave me focused on set carbs before and after training which fitted easily with my training – although I didn’t quite follow Jon’s instructions for the first 4 weeks by not always having the carbs before the training – lesson quickly learnt !!

I had an app to follow for my weight sessions and I continued to add in CrossFit and boxing together with my running sessions at Bedford Harriers, as I love variety.

My last bio test for my body fat was 15.1% which I am extremely happy with, but I know I still have some areas which I want to improve on. What Jon has made me understand, it’s actually not the body fat you should focus on, it’s literally how you look and feel. Jon kept banging on about photo’s which I was pretty poor at remembering to take, but, I have to say I can see the difference particularly in 2 photos, as I said to Jon ‘my side muffin is starting to go’. True to his words anything is possible when you stick to the plan and as he said to me ‘I just tell you what to do and you do the hard work’.

I now have PT with Jon every 2 weeks, my running has improved and I feel amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing my future results, as Jon said - ‘I just need to do the hard work’.
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