Meet the Trainers who will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.


Our trainers work together to help you get the most out of your person training experience. With a wealth of experience from training a wide variety of people and playing sport to a high level both Jon and Holly have the knowledge to help everyone achieve their goals.


Jon Wells

Specialises in:
Body Composition Training
Strength Training

Having developed a career in professional rugby during his early twenties, Jon always had a passion for sport, fitness and health which led him into the fitness industry where he has worked for various large health club operators at health and fitness and club management level. 

While attending university he has worked as a personal trainer, working along side various osteopath's and physiotherapy's providing not only personal training but rehabilitation from pre and post treatment / operations.

Jon works extensively with a large range of clients, from professional athletes to retired business men & women. Jon has worked with in the industry for many years and has gained vast amounts of experience in training clients from rehabilitation to weight loss goals. 

Recently Jon took up the personal challenge to undergo his own transformation at the age of 40. 


Holly Aitchison

Specialises in:
Specific fitness and mobility for golfers
Strength Training
Remote online Training

Holly has been a professional golfer on the Ladies European Tour since 2009. She has travelled the world competing in some of the biggest events including the Womens British Open and the US Womens Open. Having travelled extensively over the last 10 years Holly started to explore her other interests a couple of years ago and became qualified as a personal trainer. Being a professional golfer has meant that Holly has had a natural interest in training and has been training with Jon since turning pro.