Core Personal Training Packages.

We offer training for everyone, beginner to sports professionals. Our extensive knowledge about the body and how it works can help anyone achieve their goals.



1-1 personal training is the best way for you to achieve your own personal goals. Whether this is weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific or simply to live a healthier happier life we are there with you every step of the way, supporting and helping.

Nutritional support

You can book sessions with us to talk specifically about your nutritional needs and what you want to achieve. The results from all your hard work in the gym will only show if you are making the effort in the kitchen as well!

Affordable Transformation Training

Results driven small group training means reaching your goal is now much more achievable. During the 12 week programme you will cover everything from training to nutrition, all elements of your programme are covered, all you have to do is turn up and train under the guidance of the Core PT team.  The programme includes a FULL gym membership for the duration of the programme and access the CrossFit classes. Training with a small group of people helps motivate but most of all keeps it fun!

Contact us to find out when the NEXT PROGRAMME BEGINS.

Bespoke packages

YOU decide what WE can do for YOU!! We offer bespoke packages so you can decide what is best options to help you achieve your goals. These can include nutrition, bio signature (body fat measurements), structural balancing, gym membership and CrossFit. Book a free consultation to see how we can help you. 

Injury Rehabilitation

Here at Core Performance we believe in getting people back to their best and better after injury so if you need some guidance as to what exercises are best after an injury then we are here to help. Jon works alongside the clinical team to help transfer clients from the treatment couch to the gym and making everyday activity easier once again.